What Am I Observing? (New Developer Mode)

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What Am I Observing? offers the possibility to discover more features about blocks and entities, enriching your Minecraft Bedrock experience. This add-on adds essential information to your world, allowing you to experience an even more immersive and exciting adventure - explore and enhance your game with this exciting tool!


This add-on is inspired by the java mod called "waila":




For the add-on to work properly you must activate the following experimental options offered by Minecraft.

Required Experimental Options


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  1. If you want to create an add-ons pack with this add-on, you should contact the creator to ask for authorization
  2. Direct links are not allowed in this add-on

Example Video

Updated on October 16

  • Support for version 1.20.3x
  • Changes in how information is provided
  • More vanilla translations added
  • New developer mode
  • Interface to configure the add-on
  • Further optimization
  • Removed commands to activate and deactivate
Download links
Discord Server
What Am I Observing? RP v1.02
What Am I Observing? BP v1.02
Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10