What Am I Observing? (New Developer Mode)

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What Am I Observing? offers the possibility to discover more features about blocks and entities, enriching your Minecraft Bedrock experience. This add-on adds essential information to your world, allowing you to experience an even more immersive and exciting adventure - explore and enhance your game with this exciting tool!


This add-on is inspired by the java mod called "waila":




You will be able to see the name of the entity, its health and some other characteristics! (compatible with any add-on)


Health can be seen in 2 different ways:

1. When the health is less than 20 hearts, the life will be shown in the form of hearts.

Health Display in Hearts

2. When the health is greater than 40 (more than 20 hearts), the health will be shown as text.

Health Display in Text


By bending down and observing a tameable entity, it will show you the probability of taming it.

Tame Chance Display

By crouching down, you will be able to see the active effects of the entity, as well as its duration in real time!

Active Effects Display

It is compatible with any entity of any add-on, but verify that the creator has set the requirements to display the add-on name, if not, what are you waiting to ask him!

Compatible with Any Entity of Any Addon


You will be able to see the name of the block and to which complement it corresponds, if you bend down you will be able to see the position. (compatible with any add-on)

Blocks Display

Extra features it adds:

1. Crop growth

Crop Growth Display

2. See the text of the signs (only when you are crouched)

Text of Signs Display

3. Properties of some redstone blocks (there are some more, discover them by playing)

Properties of Redstone Blocks Display

4. Honey in bee nests

Honey in Bee Nests Display

5. Compatibility with other add-ons

Developer Mode (Beta)

The developer mode aims to help the creation of add-ons, giving some useful data for the creators, for the moment you can only find the identifier of the entities and blocks and the current value of the following components:

variant, skin_id, mark_variant.

To see the values you should activate the developer mode with the waio!configuration command.

You can leave suggestions on the discord server or in the comments section what you would like to see in this mode!

Developer Mode: Variant and Mark Variant Components


If you want to configure the add-on to momentarily disable the information or to activate the developer mode, just type the following command in the chat:


When you type it, the following interface will appear, where you can choose what you want, to save the changes you must click on the submit button.

Developer Mode: Configuration

Personalized Name to Your Add-on

The add-on uses .lang files to place the add-on names for a more personalized experience, so if you don't follow these guidelines, your block and entity names may look like this: waio.identifier:description.name

To avoid that, in a lang file (preferably in en_US.lang), you must define the name of your add-on, placing its name like this: waio.IDENTIFIER OF YOUR ADD-ON:description.name

It shouldn't be in my addon file, it should be in yours!


How to Set Custom Addon Name

That way, the name of your add-on will be displayed correctly!

Custom Addon Name Example


For the add-on to work properly you must activate the following experimental options offered by Minecraft.

Required Experimental Options


If you wish to support this and future works, here is my Paypal โค๏ธ: https://www.paypal.me/PedroGame12

Support me with your subscription on my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@Scodev

Any suggestion or report, please inform in our Discord: https://discord.gg/8tpd8KnQYP

  1. If you want to create an add-ons pack with this add-on, you should contact the creator to ask for authorization
  2. Direct links are not allowed in this add-on

Example Video

Updated on October 16

  • Support for version 1.20.3x
  • Changes in how information is provided
  • More vanilla translations added
  • New developer mode
  • Interface to configure the add-on
  • Further optimization
  • Removed commands to activate and deactivate
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What Am I Observing? RP v1.02
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