Project Walker: Apocalyptic Props (Alpha)

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Project Walker: Apocalyptic Props - Transform your Minecraft into a post-apocalyptic world! Created in partnership with Gabriel Aplok. Explore a diverse set of blocks to decorate your buildings in post-apocalyptic style.

Apocalyptic Props is just an add-on to the Project Walker add-on!

Creativity is the limit for using Apocalyptic Props. Wake up your mind and decorate your world or server with all the blocks that the add-on adds to your Minecraft.

Screenshot 1


Cardboard Box:

Cardboard Box 1

Cardboard Box 2

Cardboard Box 3

Electrical Blocks:

Electrical Blocks 1

Electrical Blocks 2

Electrical Blocks 3

Laundry Blocks:

Laundry Blocks 1

Security Blocks:

Security Blocks 1

Security Blocks 2

Street Decorations:

Street Decorations 1

Street Decorations 2

Street Decorations 3

Street Decorations 4

With 'Project Walker: Apocalyptic Props', you can transform every corner of your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition world into a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with vivid detail. Imagine a desolate scene where rusty chairs are scattered around makeshift tables, while industrial remains and rubble form gloomy heaps is the add-on's true goal in its final version.

Future additions:

  • Decorated Buildings
  • Abandoned Cars
  • Make blocks in survival

Attention: The weapon that appears in the images is not part of the original add-on, but the Aplok Guns add-on!

Screenshot 2

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Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.0 1.18.0
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