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It applies to all inventory GUIs, like chest, stonecutter, smithing table, and enchanting table, basically to every single one. Also changes the hotbar and XP bar. Adds a beautiful panorama, balancing the colors and contrast of the UI buttons and background perfectly! Changes the settings menu, marketplace, loading screen, and more.

Also, don't worry about the lag, as all the textures use the default resolution of texture. So, you can even use it on your potato device.

It supports both Classic and Pocket UI profiles! Works perfectly on servers and in multiplayer!

Please do not repost the texture pack anywhere without my permission. Do not edit and post it again.

If you are making a video on it, then please give the original ModBay link. If you find any incomplete texture or bug or have any suggestions, then please let me know in the comments :)

My discord username: grumm7613


Clean UI (Blue): Screenshot 1

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Updated on May 21

  • Added the previous chat and autocomplete (hidden features) elements on the demand of the viewer. can be seen in the chat section.
  • Also changed the texture of the previous chat and autocomplete elements to match the texture pack.
  • Changed the texture of the "chat send" button.
  • changed the texture of dropdown and radio elements now it matches with the resource pack.
  • Fixed the hover style, now it's the same everywhere.
  • Fixed 2 errors out of 3. I'm finding it difficult to fix the last error, but it'll be fixed in the next update.
Changelog for May 16 / Old Update
  • Changed Bstlar links and added download file.
Changelog for January 24 / Old Update
  • Changed the unsupported download links and added new Bstlar links.
Download links
Clean UI [Blue] v1.0.6 (Old)[mcpack, 11.19 Mb]
Clean UI [Blue] v2.0 (New)[mcpack, 11.17 Mb]
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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    You should probably make some of the text white so that it's easier to see