1. No avatar image KAPE
    1.21 update pls
  2. bitcode profile avatar bitcode
    how to import into mc?
    1. bitcode profile avatar bitcode
      ooh, i got it in.
      it works for minecraft be, but will it work for minecraft edu?
  3. Wow, very impressive! I love the style of clouds and the method of storing them in the cubemap textures!
    How did you do the coloured lighting? Is it similar to Veka0's coloured lighting shader/addon using a custom deferred pipeline?
    1. i11212 profile avatar i11212
      it doesn't use a deferred pipeline, I create a colored light using the light level from the blocklight.
  4. This looks super nice! Does this work on iOS(iPad) by any chance? Or do I need the Deferred Technical Preview for Shaders(Experimental pbr stuff)? Cheers! ; )
    1. i11212 profile avatar i11212
      I've never tried it on iOS but this shader requires MC patch (for Android) and this shader doesn't require deferred so you might be able to try it
  5. Rewanston profile avatar Rewanston
    Absolutely amazing