Pack O' Allay v1.2 - Pandora Box

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Have you ever thought that allays require more variety? Well, here you go! Using this resource pack, you can have a decent variety of these custom flying cuties! This pack is a Java Edition pack by Husker/Husikert and was ported by Parzival_ to Bedrock Edition.

Pack O' Allay Pandora Box


New Allay variants

Some variants of Allays

Allays with decorations

Updated on March 1

  • Added 30 new allays. All names are in the naming guide!

"Sorry for the wait, I'll try to get some more updates out more frequently. Anyways, thanks to 0zg for the icon and thumbnail for this update."
-Java Owner's Note

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Download v1.2 Here (Latest Version)
Download Here (Old Version)
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