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This is the new home for all of the optional Vanilla RTX Add-Ons!
They were previously included on download page of Vanilla RTX, but as time passed and number of them kept increasing, it was no longer possible to include newer ones in the same page as Vanilla RTX.
To make that post less cluttered and more focused on Vanilla RTX, they were moved here instead, from now on, you can find all of Vanilla RTX's Optional Add-Ons and their updates here on this page.

When making any add-on for Vanilla RTX, both creative and survival modes were kept in mind to ensure an undisrupted and consistent experience when used alongside Vanilla RTX.

Currently there are a total of 7 optional add-ons available that you can download and apply on top of Vanilla RTX to modify certain parts of it as you wish.
Each add-on has been carefully made to remain consistent with Vanilla RTX with its feel and theme in mind, this page contains all pieces of relevant information for each Vanilla RTX Add-On.

Luminous Ores Add-On

Luminous Ores Add-On Cover

Luminous Ores Add-On: Screenshot

Luminous Add-On adds emissivity to every ore block. (Includes an option for Vanilla RTX Normals)

Clear Glass Add-On

Clear Glass Add-On Cover

Clear Glass Add-On removes borders and scratches on glass.

Glowing Concrete Add-On

Glowing Concrete Add-On Cover

Glowing Concrete Add-On: Screenshot 1

Glowing Concrete Add-On: Screenshot 2

Glowing Concrete Add-On makes all colors of concrete emit a small amount of light, and turns black concrete into the blackest material (absorbing all light).
In contrast, Glowing Hardened Clay Add-On makes all terracotta blocks emit much more vibrant colors of light with significantly greater strength.

Clear Water Add-On

Clear Water Add-On Cover

Clear Water Add-On: Screenshot

Clear Water Add-On removes the default Vanilla RTX water texture, resulting in less opaque water and clearer reflections. Includes a secondary option called "Vanilla Mix" which is in-between default and clear water.

Glowing Glazed Terracotta Add-On

Glowing Glazed Terracotta Add-On Cover

This add-on adds emissivity to all colors of glazed terracotta, bringing out the colored patterns with a subtle glow. (Includes an option for Vanilla RTX Normals)

Perfect Mirrors Add-On

Perfect Mirrors Add-On Cover

Perfect Mirrors Add-On: Screenshot

Perfect Mirrors Add-On Settings

Perfect Mirrors Add-On replaces various blocks with perfect mirrors. Several options are given for replacing a block with a mirror. All of the blocks in these options do not spawn naturally and you can obtain them easily in the survival world.
Colored Mirrors is a special option that turns all 16 colors of concrete into perfect mirrors of varying colors.

This covers it for now! There are a total of 7 optional add-ons available for Vanilla RTX. They will receive updates as needed and expect new ones to be introduced over time. If you have suggestions or issues, you can join the Vanilla RTX Discord at: or comment here!

All Optional Vanilla RTX Add-Ons


  • Vanilla RTX Add-Ons are created for Vanilla RTX and do not work on any Android, iOS or gaming consoles such as Xbox Series X|S, PS5, etc...
    Windows 10 and Windows 11 Devices Only with NVIDIA GeForceยฎ RTX 20 Series and higher, along with the AMD Radeonโ„ข RX 6000 Series and higher.
  • Vanilla RTX Add-Ons are not meant to be standalone packs! They are optional add-ons that you can download and apply to Vanilla RTX in your resource pack settings to change certain aspects of it.
    You can download and install Vanilla RTX from this page.
  • It is important to note that all of the add-ons on this page are compatible with each other, you can use any combination you want without any issues.
    The placement order of the add-ons themselves also does not matter! As long as all of them are placed above Vanilla RTX itself in your global/world resources settings. (With a single exception of Colored Mirrors mode in Perfect Mirrors Add-On and Glowing Concrete, since both modify concrete, the pack that is placed higher up will overwrite the bottom one).
  • Add-Ons that do not feature a secondary option for Vanilla RTX Normals do not need one, they can be used with both packs without issues.
Download links
Luminous Ores Add-On v9 (Release)
Clear Water Add-On v3 (Release)
Clear Glass Add-On v4 (Release)
Perfect Mirrors Add-On v4 (Release)
Glowing Concrete Add-On v1 (Release)
Glowing Hardened Clay Add-On v4 (Release)
Glowing Glazed Terracotta Add-On v5 (Release)
Vanilla RTX (Base Pack - Required)
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.0 1.18.0