Mods with Mobs for Minecraft PE 1.20.70

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Thumbnail: Giant Reptiles V1.5: Boa vs. Python

Giant Reptiles V1.5: Boa vs. Python

Welcome to version 1.5.0 of my addon, inspired by the exciting and wild movie "Boa vs. Python"! In this update, we immerse ourselves in a world of reptilian titans and epic battles that

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Thumbnail: Expansive Biomes

Expansive Biomes

Expansive Biomes adds 18 new biomes to the game for you to seek out and explore, aiming for a semi-vanilla feel. Expansive Biomes also includes some new mobs, items, and blocks!

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Reborn RPG
Reborn RPG
Thumbnail: Cloud Clash - Balloon Blitz

Cloud Clash - Balloon Blitz

Cloud Clash - Balloon Blitz: Village & Pillage Addons - Balloon Battles, Embark on a Skyward Odyssey! Where Illagers, Villagers, & Piglins Clash in Epic Aerial Warfare, Aboard Hot Air

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GU Studios
GU Studios
Thumbnail: Adha Craft v4

Adha Craft v4

Happy Adha Eid, as always, is back with a new Adha Craft update. Enjoy the new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Grab a trough, start feeding the animals to get them fat and do what a butch