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The Apocalypse is coming to Minecraft Bedrock! Mine Apocalypse brings apocalyptic-themed weapons and items to the Minecraft world!

Classic and iconic zombie-killing weapons like the Fire Axe, Crowbars and Baseball Bat! As well as bandages and adrenaline syringes. Can you stay one step ahead of the zombies?

The Mine Apocalypse add-on adds a total of 42 new items to the game, ranging from weapons and tools to new consumables such as food and medicine.

Melee Weapons

  • Baseball Bat (Craftable)
  • Nailed Baseball Bat (Craftable)
  • Board (Craftable)
  • Nailed Board (Craftable)
  • Crowbar (Craftable)
  • Engineer Shovel (Craftable)
  • Firemanโ€™s Axe (Craftable)
  • Golf Club (Craftable)
  • Hammer (Craftable)
  • Hatchet (Craftable)
  • Hockey Stick (Craftable)
  • Kitchen Knife (Craftable)
  • Lead Pipe (Craftable)
  • Machete (Craftable)
  • Can Opener (Craftable)
  • Pan (Craftable)
  • Saw (Craftable)
  • Screwdriver (Craftable)
  • Skalka (Craftable)
  • Sledgehammer (Craftable)
  • Splitting Axe (Craftable)
  • Tactical Ace (Craftable)
  • Tire Iron (Craftable)
  • Wrench (Craftable)


  • Open Canned Bacon (Drop & Loot Chests)
  • Open Canned Baked Beans (Drop & Loot Chests)
  • Open Canned Sardines (Drop & Loot Chests)
  • Open Canned Tuna (Drop & Loot Chests)
  • Closed Canned Bacon (Drop & Loot Chests)
  • Closed Canned Baked Beans (Drop & Loot Chests)
  • Close Canned Sardines (Drop & Loot Chests)
  • Closed Canned Tuna (Drop & Loot Chests)


  • Cola Soda (Drop & Loot Chests)
  • Pepsi Soda (Drop & Loot Chests)
  • Sprite Soda (Drop & Loot Chests)
  • Water Bottle (Drop & Loot Chests)
  • Empty Water Bottle (Craftable)


  • Adrenaline Syringe
  • Bandaid
  • Bandage

Other Items

  • Can
  • Duct Tape
  • Syringe

Although I havenโ€™t added any new mobs, the behavior of zombies, skeletons and drowned mobs has been changed so that they donโ€™t burn in sunlight - if this add-on becomes popular I will add custom mobs.


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You can see all the crafting recipes in the crafting table recipes book.

Crafting Recipes in the Crafting Table Recipe Book

If you liked the addon and want to support me and see more in the future, check out my website!


This will ONLY work in Minecraft versions 1.20.10+

If you plan to showcase this add-on, ONLY use the links I provide here and tag my YouTube channel in the description. DONโ€™T create your own links and/or claim this as your own creation. Thank you! :)


Open the .mcpack with Minecraft or extract and copy manually the folder to /Android/data/com.mojang.minecraftpe/ and put behavior and resources in the respective folders.

Just make sure you enable the experimental settings. Also make sure you have enabled BOTH resources and behavior packs when creating the world.

Updated on December 02

  • Updated the description
  • Updated the dowload links
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Supported versions
1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10
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  1. ; I just installed it. I really liked the items and everything, but... It would be really fun to add a single light firearm, like a Glock. The best thing is that until then I haven't seen a generation of zombies, So you can use it with other ADDONS.