Harder Reality

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This addon makes your game much more difficult with it's realistic system.

Break Hand

If you break wood without any item selected, you will break your hand, and you won't be able to break the wood.

Breaking Wood

Destroy Item

If you break wood using an item that isn't a tool and doesn't have durability, that item will disappear from your hand, and you won't be able to break the wood.

Grass Fiber

If you break a grass or a tallgrass, you'll have a chance to drop the Grass Fiber. You can use it to make the Grass String.

Grass String Recipe

Flint Shard

You get it by interacting with a rock while holding a Flint in your hand. The amount of shards you'll get is random, but it'll always be less than the amount of Flints you used to interact with the stone.

Additional Stick Recipe

This recipe will help you progress in the addon.

Additional Stick Recipe

Flint Knife

Use this item to break your first wood.

Flint Knife Recipe


Interact with this block with a log to get your first planks.

Woodcutter Block

You won't be able to get planks in the traditional way, for that the wood needs to be stripped, but initially you won't have the possibility to have an Axe. Then, Woodcutter will help you a lot.

Break Leg

If you jump from a high place, you will receive a slow effect for a time equivalent to the damage you received.

Raw Meat

Any raw meat you eat will give you a poison effect.

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