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Hog's enchants adds 22 new enchantments to the game with a vanilla feel.

In the game, you won't know what these do, but each enchantment has a description that can be found in the recipe book.

It is attached to the enchanted book, which describes what it does and what tools it goes on.


Enchanted Book: Wither Aspect

How to enchant:

You will have to find a structure that spawns around the world looking like this:
And collect the hogchanting table in the center.

Enchant Ruin Structure

Next, you'll want to craft yourself some enchanting crystals, you will use these to enchant later.

Enchanting Crystal Recipe

Now you have your new Hogchanting table and enchanting crystals, with some XP, you can interact with the hogchanting table holding the item you want to enchant.

Here I interact with a shovel, showing the 3 enchants I can enchant with.
It also gives instructions at the top anyway.

Hogchanting Table UI

Then press on the enchant you want, and if you have 8 levels and an enchanting stone, you can gain 1 level for that enchantment. Repeat on the same enchantment to increase the level.

Watch the video for more information:

Updated on February 10

  • Updated to 1.20.60
  • Updated the description with more details
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