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Ensure your experience in Minecraft Bedrock with protections using "blocks." Safeguard your Realm, World, or Server by employing these blocks that prevent other players from griefing.

Update v0.2: Friend System

We understand the importance of protecting our creations from players who do not respect the rules. This addon aims to continuously evolve to offer a completely secure protection system in Minecraft Bedrock. Support the project by downloading the plugin from the ModBay page and join my Discord server to always access the latest version and contact me for any errors or issues. Together, we build a safer and more exciting gaming environment!

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Now you can add friends to your plot. To do this, switch the mode of your protection block by crouching and right-clicking on it. The block will change its appearance to that of redstone, indicating that any player who right-clicks on it will join the area claimed by that block. Each block has its own saved whitelist, so if you have more protections, you will need to repeat the same process.

Unlimited people can join the same protection block, but individually, you can only join one protection block. If you want to restart the list of a protection block, remove it and place it again.

Friend System

Do you already have the addon in your world and want to update? Use the next command to load the missing resources: /function install


Protection Areas

Protection Areas

Protection Areas of Different Blocks


You can customize the name of your protection using a label simply right-click on the block.

Renaming Protection


Protect your home from intruders. Only the owner can open these doors if the protection grants permissions. But there's a catch: you must be inside your protected area to activate the permissions and open the door.

Use the "admin" tag as indicated in the tutorial so that you can visit other players' bases in spectator or creative mode and have the ability to break blocks.

Locked and Normal Doors and Trapdoors


Locked Trapdoor Recipe

Locked Doors Recipe


Required Experiments for the Security Protection Blocks Addon


There is no crafting option available. Only administrators can assign these protections, either from creative mode or by including them in the store. Feel free to choose the method you prefer to obtain them in your world or server.

Do not cover everything; harm to animals and the opening of normal doors or chests is still possible. Location Limitations: It is not possible to place protections in the Nether. Avoid overlapping them, as they will self-destruct if you try to claim the same territory.

The door system relies on the Player.json file, so it may conflict with other addons. However, you can choose to omit it, and only the metal doors will cease to function while the protection to prevent griefing will still work.



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