UltraFarming Addon [More Crops and Food] | v2.2

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Do you want to be a farmer or just have a more complex game experience? This addon is for you. This addon adds new 15 crops, 45 new food and many other technical blocks like feeders and wine.

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You also need to enable this experimental features to make the addon work:

Required Experiments for the UltraFarming Addon

Showcase Video

New Crops

This addon adds 15 new crops:

  • Cotton: It's useful to make strings.

Cotton crops and items

  • Pepper.

Pepper crops and items

  • Strawberry.

Strawberry crops and items

  • Rice.

Rice crops and items

  • Corn.

Corn crops and items

  • Sweet Potato.

Sweet Potato crops and items

  • Grape.

Grape crops and items

  • Cucumber.

Cucumber crops and items

  • Eggplant.

Eggplant crops and items

  • Lettuce.

Lettuce crops and items

  • Tomato.

Tomato crops and items

  • Cauliflower.

Cauliflower crops and items

  • Onion.

Onion crops and items

  • Garlic.

Garlic crops and items

Fruit Trees

This addon also has fruit trees (apple, orange, olives, and cherries). The fruits will grow under the leaves, and you can take them.

Cherry Tree

Apple Tree

Orange Tree

Olive Tree

Other Features

  • Chicken coop, the chickens will sit on it and then, they will lay eggs.

Chicken coop and chicken

  • Cutting board, you can cut food with the cooking knife.

Food on the Cutting board

  • Cooking pot, you can make a cooking pot recipes book to see how to make stews, soup and rice. (The cooking pot must be on top of the campfire).

Cooking Pot and Book

Cooking Pot in game

  • Sushi and sushi set (Enjoy with your friends a good sushi or make your own restaurant).

Sushi and sushi set in game

  • Wine barrel, you can make wine with it, just put grapes and take the wine with a glass bottle.

Wine barrels

  • Wheat feeder, cows and sheeps will eat from it, they make them grow up earlier and be healthier.

Wheat feeder and cows

  • Functional tractor, you can harvest your crops easier and faster.

Tractor in the game

  • Cheese mold, just add some milk, wait for a time and you will have cheese.

Cheese mold

  • Plow tool, it works like a hoe, but it will plow 25 blocks around you.

Plow tool and farmlands

  • More than 45 food. Some food:

Examples of new food in the addon

  • Kitchen coutertops: Different types of countertop to decorate your kitchen.

Kitchen countertops

Crops can be obtained by breaking the wild plant, it will generate randomly around the world:

Getting Crops from Wild Plant

Updated on September 13

  • Crops disappearing bug fixed.
  • Now blocks are formatted to 1.20.10 core version.
  • Reduced kelp hatcher grow duration from 300 to 30.
  • Texture reworks.
  • Implemented new food items.
  • Fixed invisible cooking pot.
  • Creative categories fixed.

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UltraFarming 2.2 BP - 1.20+
UltraFarming 2.2 RP - 1.20+
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1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.0
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