Vanilla Armor Expanded (New Armor to Minecraft)

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You bored with the standard minecraft armor? Yeah, me too! That's why I'm making this addon, thats added 2 new armor category light and reinforced, and some other armor

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The idea of this addon is to improve minecraft armor to look less boring and more interesting with adding new Tier ,so far there is 2 new Tier Light and reinforced

All the Items

All the Items

All the Armors: Screenshot


Light Tier

Light Tier Armor: Screenshot

Basically light armors is cheaper version of the regular armor it has same amount of defense but 50% less durability

Light Leather Armor Stats

Light Golden Armor Stats

Light Iron Armor Stats

Light Diamond Armor Stats

Crafting Recipes

Light Armor Recipes


Armory Table

Armory Table

This is the item you need to craft reinforced armor. You can download 2 versions: the armory table and the normal version, which uses a crafting table. I recommend downloading the normal version because you also get an armory table, but it has the it has the same function as a crafting table.



Reinforced Armor: Screenshot

Reinforced is like an end game kind of armor; it has an expensive recipe but is also worth it since it has great durability.

Reinforced Leather Armor Stats

Reinforced Golden Armor Stats

Reinforced Iron Armor Stats

Reinforced Diamond Armor Stats

Reinforced Netherite Armor Stats

Reinforced Chainmail Armor Stats

Reinforced Turtle Armor Stats

Crafting Recipes

Reinforced Armor Recipes



Other Items: Screenshot

This just items you are going to need to make the armor,and turtle armor which has low durability but great knock back resistance

Turtle Armor Stats

Crafting Recipes

Other Armor Recipes


Is It Trimable?

Trimmed Reinforced Armor: Screenshot

Yes, you can now trim your armor like normal armor!

Trimming Reinforced Armor

But there are some issues in which the item won't show up. I'm planning to solve the problem as soon as possible.


Thank You!

If you find some bugs, let me now!

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Behavior Pack
Resource Pack
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70
2 631
  1. ModGenius profile avatar ModGenius
    Yo does this work in 1.20.80?
    1.  profile avatarKiranaked profile avatar Kiranaked
      Yes it's work