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This is a small library that adds several enchantments at levels that are impossible to obtain normally.

The level limit in this library is (Level 10 or Level X). There are also other enchantments with lower levels, but that is because they work the same at higher levels or malfunction at higher levels.

Reference image of the highest levels of the library:

Highest Levels of the Library

The enchantments were set to cost a minimum (only 1 experience level), so if it doesn't let you enchant something or merge books, try enchanting them individually.

To obtain the higher level enchanted books, just right-click on (PC) or hold the screen with the book in your hand on your cell phone, and it will give you the indicated level book.

Folders of the different enchantments (items/functions/structures):

Folders of Different Enchants

Programs used:

NBT Studio by tryashtar

NBT Studio Logo

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code Logo

These same programs can be used to add more levels if necessary.

Enabled Holiday Creator Features

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