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This addon makes Minecraft more into the style of Minecraft Dungeons.The way I am implementing content for this addon is different from what you may expect; instead of directly porting stuff from Dungeons, I try to blend the features into a vanilla style, meaning this addon should be 100% survival-friendly.

The latest 1.2.0 update adds in some new monsters, 20 weapons, 4 artifacts, 9 armour sets, and 2 new bosses!


Standard Mobs


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These are just 5 of the new hostile mobs you can find

NEW: The Whisperer is a new Jungle Monster who attacks by summoning twisting vines around you! The addon includes a ton of new monsters you will have to fight off! I will list some examples.

New Variants of Zombies and Skeletons that live in certain biomes, like the oceans or jungle, lead them to have their own unique attacks.

New 'Enderlings' that live in the end, such as Watchlings and Snarelings, which will work together to take you down 

New undead foes like the Wraith, who attacks with fire magic and teleports, and Necromancers, who prefer to fight at range and summon zombie minions to fight you.

Every new Mob
  • Blastling - Found in the End
  • Drowned Elite/Hunter - Found in Oceans
  • Frozen Zombie - Found in the Snow
  • Iceologer - Found in the Snow
  • Icy Creeper - Found in the Snow
  • Jungle Zombie - Found in the Jungle
  • Mossy Skeleton - Found in the Jungle
  • Necromancer - Found in the Overworld
  • Royal Guard - Found in Woodland Mansions
  • Snareling - Found in the End
  • Sunken Skeleton - Found in Oceans
  • Vanguard - Found in Deserts, Badlands and Soulsand Valleys
  • Watchling - Found in the End
  • Whisperer - Found in the Jungle
  • Wraith - Found in the Overworld and Soulsand Valleys
  • Zombified Piglin Brute - Only found by taking a piglin brute to the overworld
Mini Boss Mobs


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 Of Various Dimensions and Various Stature, these mobs are more powerful then the rest

Minibosses are much stronger than normal mobs with precious loot and are indicated by their boss bars on the top of the screen. Here are a few examples.

Redstone Golems can be found in the overworld; they are powerful and will try to attack you with their fists or by creating explosive material around you that you must avoid.

Wildfires are found in the Nether Fortress; they are the leaders of the blaze who attack by flinging fireballs and shocking those who get close. They are guarded by four shields that protect them from the first few hits of damage.

Endersent are incredibly tall, mutated endermen with huge strength that spawn in the end. They will attack by slamming at you with their huge fists and may temporarily vanish when attacked.

Some standard mobs have also been elevated to mini-boss status. 

All Mini-Bosses
  • Enderman - Found in any dimension
  • Evoker - Found in woodland mansions and raids
  • Raid Captains - Found in Patrols and on Raids
  • Redstone Golem - Found throughout the overworld
  • Endersent - Found in the end
  • Wildfire - Found in Nether Fortress
Boss Mobs


Alylica's Dungeons Addon screenshot №3

Alylica's Dungeons Addon screenshot №4

Bosses are especially dangerous, super powerful encounters that can be found inside of special structures. When defeated, they don't drop much except for a special key that can be used to unlock the diamond chests they guard, where you will find great rewards, including a special weapon and artifact.

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The Redstone Monstrosity

The Redstone Monstrosity is found within a fiery forge, buried deep underground within the overworld. Once you wake it up, it will begin to attack you by smashing you with its heavy arms or hurling hot magma around itself. It can also summon miniature redstone cubes to distract you.

Once defeated, you may unlock the diamond chest and claim many rewards.

Alylica's Dungeons Addon screenshot №6

The Nameless One

The Nameless One is found within an elaborate temple; this can be found in the sands of the deserts. You will have to explore the ruins and find passage to the underground tomb to begin the fight.

The nameless one will attack by shooting dangerous magic and even spawning false clones of itself; it can also spawn its vanguard army, skeletons equipped with shields to protect them, to fight.

Once defeated, it drops the nameless key used to uncover the riches of the diamond chest it guards.

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The Mushroom Monstrosity

A Mysterious Ruin can be found in the Mushroom Islands, housing the strongest monster in the Addon, the Mushroom Monstrosity.

The Mushroom Monstrosity will attack you with powerful melee attacks and its mushroom minions; if you try to flee, it will attack with a barrage of explosive rockets!

When defeated, the questionable key can be used to unlock the rewards within the diamond chest within the ruins.

Alylica's Dungeons Addon screenshot №8

The Wretched Wraith

The Wretched Wraith is a powerful wraith corrupted by a magical icy crown. It can be found at the pinnacle of the Lone Fortress within Snowy Biomes.

The Wraith will attack you by shooting flames and summoning monsters; it can even teleport to disorient you. It's important to avoid its powerful flame magic and make sure to attack it while it is left stunned.

When defeated, the Wretched Key can unlock the treasures of the fortress within the diamond chest.

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Enchanted Mobs


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Enchanted mobs are powered-up forms of standard mobs with greater health and attack power, plus a random enchanted effect to spice up the battle.

Enchanted mobs have little rewards (for now!!) but do drop 5x the exp of their non-enchanted variants.

All Enchanted Mobs
  • Blaze
  • Creeper
  • Cave Spider
  • Husk
  • Skeleton
  • Spider
  • Witch
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Zombie
  • Sunken Skeleton
  • Iceologer 
  • Wraith
  • Necromancer
  • Vanguard
  • Watchling
Vanilla Mobs
  • Quite a few vanilla mobs have seen adjustments, here is a few examples
  • Pillager - Now can spawn with armour and stronger weapons
  • Vindicator - Same Changes as Pillager
  • Cave Spider - New Visuals, can spawn naturally underground
  • Creeper - New Visuals, gets closer before going boom
  • Endermite - New Visuals, now found naturally in The End
  • Hoglin - Smaller and much greater knockback on attacks
  • Husk - Slower, but takes less knockback
  • Witches - Only spawn in swamps
  • Spider - Flings webs at you if you try to escape
  • Wither Skeleton - Can now wield a bow



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New Weapons

The addon includes 32 new weapons, split between 11 different 'types'

Each weapon type has a common variant that can be crafted by anyone, and then there are unique variants that can only be looted from boss structures and are stronger with greater effects.

To repair a unique weapon, just combine it on an anvil with its common form.

Read the tabs below for information on each weapon type.


Hammers let you attack with great force, with their damage spreading out in a small shockwave to nearby mobs, but you can't enchant them, and after landing a hit, you will have to wait a short cool-down before attacking at full power again, just like in Java Edition!

The unique hammers can be found by defeating the redstone monstrosity and are as follows:

Hammer of Gravity: This hammer variant will pull in nearby mobs to the target of your attack.

The Stormlander: This hammer will sometimes strike bonus damage onto a mob in a large radius that wasn't caught in your shockwave.


Katanas are quite similar to swords, though they have slightly stronger blades. They also have a bit less durability, making them a risky choice.

The unique katanas can be found by defeating the redstone monstrosity and are as follows:

Dark Katana: This katana will always do more damage if the target is undead, even if it doesn't have the smite enchantment.

Masters Katana: This Katana has a chance to deal double damage to its target.


Knives are sort of opposite to katanas. They have the same attack power as swords but their durability is far greater. Also, if you land an attack, you will have a half-second cool-down, so you can't be too careless with these

The unique knives can be found by defeating the nameless ones and are as follows:

Eternal Knife: This knife grants bonus exp to its user as you attack mobs.

The Truthseeker: The Truthseeker will always do double damage to its target if they are enchanted.


Scythes are quite powerful, with high damage and good durability. Be wary, though, as their attacks come with a similar cool-down to the hammer.

The unique scythes can be found by defeating the nameless ones and are as follows:

Frost Scythe: The Frost Scythe will always inflict a slow chill on its target.

Jailors Scythe: This Scythe has a chance to chain up and stun a group of nearby mobs when landing an attack.

Cleaving Axes

Cleaving axes are a slightly stronger, less wood-choppy variant of the standard axe, making them fine weapons for combat.

The unique cleaving axes can be found by defeating the mooshroom monstrosity and are as follows:

Firebrand: This axe will ignite a flame effect on its target with each attack.

Highlands Axe: Using the Highlands Axe has a chance of immobilizing the target temporarily.


Claymores are quite powerful, having high damage and good durability. They are also given the ability to deal increased knockback to their target, making them a good choice for distancing dangerous foes like Creepers.

The unique claymores can be found by defeating the mooshroom monstrosity and are as follows:

Broadsword: The Broadsword is simple, but it has much higher damage than other claymores.

The Heartstealer: This Claymore will have a chance to restore the user's health with each attack.

The Great Axeblade: This Claymore will always create a swirling AOE around its user with each attack, helping to damage nearby enemies.


Rapiers are an interesting parallel to the sword; they have decreased damage and durability but come with a sweeping attack much like in Java Edition, meaning they excel at taking out groups of monsters.

The unique rapiers can be found by defeating the wretched wraith and are as follows:

Bee Stinger: The Bee Stinger will have a chance of summoning a buzzy bee to help attack monsters for a limited time.

Freezing Foil: Much like the Frost Scythe, the Freezing Foil will slow any enemy it attacks for a short while.

Double Axes

Double Axes are a stronger variant of the Cleaving Axe, with each attack creating a small AOE of damage around the user to attack nearby foes.

The unique double axes can be found by defeating the wretched wraith and are as follows:

Cursed Axe: This axe will cause an explosion that damages monsters whenever you score a kill; the stronger the mob you kill, the stronger the blast!

The Whirlwind: The Whirlwind will have a chance to create an AOE shockwave around its target for more damage.


These weapons are fully coded in, however their Unique Variants are unobtainable currently for survival players.

Obsidian Claymores

Obsidian Claymores are essentially a more powerful hammer; they lack area damage but have huge attack power and an even longer cooldown.

The unique Obsidian Claymore can only be obtained in creative ways and is as follows:

The Starless Night: This huge blade will deal huge knockback and area damage to all who are close to its target.

Bone Clubs

Bone Clubs are a sort of side-grade to the Claymore; they have higher damage and keep the boosted knockback, but are unable to be enchanted.

The Unique Bone Club can only be obtained in creative ways and is as follows:

Bone Cudgel: A more refined club that deals much more damage to villagers

Battle Staffs

Battlestaffs are like a reverse of the Rapier, where the sweeping effect they have is much more powerful and covers a larger area, but the weapon itself is not as strong.

The unique battlestaffs can only be obtained through creativity and are as follows:

The Battlestaff of Terror: This staff will cause an explosion that damages monsters whenever you score a kill; the stronger the mob you kill, the stronger the blast!

The Growing Staff: The Growing Staff will deal increasingly higher damage depending on how much damage its target has already taken.


Artifacts are powerful items you can collect by defeating powerful monsters; you can use them like any other item, and they will never be used up (though there is a cooldown between uses).

Some artifacts are marked with green sparkles, indicating they are rare; this also comes with a power boost.

All Artifacts
  • Totem of Regeneration - Guarded by the Redstone Monstrosity
  • Soul Healer - Guarded by the Redstone Monstrosity
  • Iron Hide Amulet - Guarded by the Redstone Monstrosity
  • Harvester - Guarded by the Nameless One
  • Shock Powder - Guarded by the Nameless One
  • Gong of Weakening - Guarded by the Nameless One
  • Blast Fungus - Dropped by Wildfires
  • Totem of Shielding - Dropped by Wildfires
  • Shadow Shifter - Dropped by Endersent
  • Vexing Chant - Dropped by Endersent
  • Satchel of Elements - Guarded by the Wretched Wraith
  • Wind Horn - Guarded by the Wretched Wraith
  • Ice Wand - Guarded by the Wretched Wraith
  • Death Cap Mushroom - Guarded by the Mooshroom Monstrosity
  • Enchanted Grass - Guarded by the Mooshroom Monstrosity
  • Corrupted Seeds - Creative Only
  • Each one has a description in game that warns what it does, so i won't explain what each one does here
New Armour

In the 1.2.0 update, there are now new armour sets in the addon! There are 9 types of armour across 4 'types'. 

Much like weapons, only the commons can be crafted; the unique variants must be obtained by defeating monsters, with unique variants having special boosts if the full set is equipped.

Here is a full list of the armour in the pack.

Dark Armour

The Dark Armour can be crafted with existing iron armour and a mix of iron and redstone; its unique variant is found within the fiery forge and is as follows:

Titan's Shroud: When fully equipped, its damage protection is boosted further.

Grim Armour

The Grim Armour can be crafted with many bones; its unique variant is found within the nameless ruins and is as follows:

Grim Armour: When fully equipped, its user can restore health by defeating mobs.

Wolf Armour

The Wolf Armour can be crafted with a mix of bones and leather; its unique variants are found within the mushroom ruins and are as follows:

Black Wolf Armour: When fully equipped, its users strength is boosted.

Fox Armour: When fully equipped, its users sprinting speed will increase.

Snow Armour

The Sniw Armour can be crafted with a mix of iron and ice; its unique variant is found within the lone fortress and is as follows:

Frost Armour: When fully equipped, its user emits a chilling aura that slows nearby monsters.


  • All Sounds and some textures have been taken from Minecraft Dungeons
  • Shoutout EmptyCoso for helping out when i was first making this addon 
  • Thanks to Oreocat3564 and Maxolotl3050 for Helping to test New Bosses
  • Other Testing Thanks goes to YegGeg for testing bosses in a prior version


  • All you need is to enable Holiday Creator Features
  • If playing on a version before 1.21.00 (which isn't out by the time i'm releasing this) you will need to enable Update 1.21Alylica's Dungeons Addon screenshot №12


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