BackCraft: Out Of Reality (HOTFIX)

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Do you want a backrooms mod to play? Well, this mod is for you! This mod adds backrooms to Minecraft.

Backrooms blocks, entities and items are added too! And I will let you find out the others!

Aranea Membri Model

Hound Model

Smiler Model

Partygoer Model

Updated on June 06


  • Blocks are finally not long to break.
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BackCraft: Out Of Reality
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  1. All the mobs seem to function correctly (I think at least.) and the blocks work fine in creative mode. The items might look fine in first person but they are absolutely massive in third person. Also, I can't find any of this stuff naturally appearing in survival or any game mode for that matter. Is this addon for doing stuff inside creative mode only? I am genuinely confused.
    1. Pancake profile avatar Pancake
      It don't cuz the mod is for fun just like the other mods does and it is recommended to make a map in this mod but soon I'll remake and release the last update and it will be survival friendly cuz I found a bug on my firesalt ore is it takes too long to break but soon I'll fix it
      1. Oh okay, did you fix the 3rd person items models being huge or is that just a Minecraft bug?
        1. Pancake profile avatar Pancake
          I cant fix that its one of the Minecraft bug and idk why is it doing that
  2. I don't understand what this really is. Are backrooms naturally generated as structures? Entities spawn there? In the overworld? Is just a creative addon? Please put more info on your addon's page.
    1. I am just as confused as you.