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Do you always want a way to store your levels for use later? Always dying and want to save your levels? This addon just adds that with the use of 2 new blocks: Level Drain and Level Infuser!

New blocks:

These 2 new blocks will help you store and gain your levels back. The levels are not stored inside the block itself but the level stored is different per player.

Level Drain and Level Infuser Blocks

How to use:

Standing on top of the Level Drain block will drain your levels.

Level Drain Usage

Standing on top of the Level Infuser block will gain back the levels you stored.

Level Infuser Usage

To see, how many levels you have stored, right click/interact on the block.

Seeing Stored Levels


These 2 blocks are easy to craft:

Level Drain:

Craft Recipe for Level Drain

Level Infuser:

Craft Recipe for Level Infuser


  • Jayly - Calculations for exp


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Updated on March 18

Version V4.2 Non Experimental and Stable Build:

Bug Fixed:

  • Addon breaking in multiplayer.
V4 / March 15 / Old Update

Version V4 Non Experimental and Stable Build:

  • Revamped whole addon to work without experiments and stable build of gametest.

Technical Changes:

  • Removed changing speed, they have a fixed speed of 5 ticks.
  • More accurate experience computation.
  • XP Gain block will now give you 1 level per 5 tick instead of 1 XP per tick.
  • Changed how you will see your level/exp.
  • Instead of seeing XP, it is now levels.
V3 VERSION / March 06 / Old Update

Version V3 VERSION:

  • Bugs Fixed.
  • Remove "Stable" misleading title. Still needs experimental to run.
  • Updated experimental toggles image.
1.20.50.X STABLE V3 VERSION / February 13 / Old Update

Version 1.20.50.X STABLE V3 VERSION:

  • Fixed bug draining other players' XP.
  • Optimized it a bit.
1.20.50.X STABLE VERSION / December 13 / Old Update
  • Updated for Minecraft Version 1.20.5x and Above
  • Switch to using script stable now and upcoming versions are compatible with this addon.
1.20.40.X Version 3 / October 07 / Old Update
  • Updated for Minecraft Version 1.20.40.X
1.20.30.X Version 2 / October 06 / Old Update
  • Updated for Minecraft Version 1.20.30.X
1.20.10.X Version 1 / July 18 / Old Update
  • Updated for Minecraft Version 1.20.10.X
1.20.0.X / June 20 / Old Update
  • Updated for 1.20
  • Changed Code to be efficient

Enjoy the addon! :D

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