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This addon adds a wide variety of wyverns that will appear in your survival world. These are hostile and you can tame them when they are babies. They have 3 types of attacks that will be explained later.

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  • You can use it with almost any addon as this addon DOES NOT USE PLAYER.JSON, so it will be compatible with almost any addon, and you can easily put it at the end if you want.

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  • This addon does not need any experimental options to work correctly.

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Wyvern Types

Wyvern Types

Poison Wyvern

The poisonous wyvern appears in swamp biomes, it is one of the most dangerous, especially due to its poisonous projectiles capable of poisoning anyone near it when they hit. If you already have to worry about this wyvern not touching you, it's even worse to have to worry about it. for the poisoning it causes.

Poison Wyvern: Screenshot

Fire Wyvern

The fire wyvern will appear in the extreme hills biome, whether at night or day. This wyvern is very dangerous since it can launch a projectile capable of causing an explosion and filling with fire on the target that is unfortunate enough to receive such an attack. You can get interesting loot if you manage to kill it.

Fire Wyvern: Screenshot

Wither Wyvern

The wither wyvern appears in the plain biome at night, it is quite similar to the poison wyvern since the effect it causes is very similar, so it is also one of the most dangerous.

Wither Wyvern: Screenshot

Ice Wyvern

The ice wyvern will appear in the ice biome either at night or during the day. This wyvern is quite dangerous, especially if you want to escape from it. If it manages to hit you directly with its ranged attack, you will receive the slowing effect, which will make your escape from it very complicated. It is very lethal in fights for this reason.

Ice Wyvern: Screenshot

Ground Wyvern

The ground wyvern will appear in the desert biome either at night or during the day. This wyvern fires a much more powerful projectile than the other wyverns. It may not have any side effects but that does not make it less powerful. Be careful with its attack. at a distance because you can die from one hit.

Ground Wyvern: Screenshot

Ender Wyvern

The ender wyvern will appear in the savanna biome and only during the night can this wyvern launch a projectile capable of producing the same effect as the ender dragon. By launching its dragon breath, you can obtain its eyes to make interesting crafts.

Ender Wyvern: Screenshot

Wyvern Tamed

Wyvern Tamed

In this version of the addon, wyvern eggs were added. You can obtain them when you kill the wyverns; you have a 35% chance of obtaining one. Once you get one of the wyvern eggs, you have to place it on the ground and wait 10 minutes for it to hatch.

Wyvern Eggs: Screenshot

It is likely that after 5 minutes it will start to shake. This happens since it would take a little time for it to come out. Once the baby wyvern comes out, you can tame it with beef.

To tame a baby wyvern, you will only need beef and feeding it has a 10% chance of taming it. Once you do that, there are 2 options: wait for it to grow or continue feeding it meat so it grows faster.

Wyvern Fly

Wyvern Fly

In this new version of the adodn, a new way to fly with the wyverns has just been added. Previously,  you had to jump and look up to fly, but now all you have to do is jump 2 times for the wyvern to start flying, making it way easier to make the wyverns fly.

Wyvern Armor

Wyvern Armor

In this version of the addon, wyvern armor was added for players, they have protection equal to that of diamond armor but with much more durability than this, you can craft it at the crafting table with a new item also added in this version.

Wyvern Armor: Screenshot

As I said before, these armors are craftable with the wyvern scales that you will obtain by killing the wyverns, they have an 80% chance of being obtained. You can obtain 0 to 2 wyvern scales by killing one, and when you have enough, you can craft the armor on the crafting table. There are a total of 6 types of scales for the different types of armor.


Wyvern Helmet Recipe

Wyvern Chestplate Recipe

Wyvern Leggings Recipe

Wyvern Boots Recipe

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