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This add-on adds more than 500 Furniture to the game, It also adds a simple Comes Alive. There is everything from kitchen utensils and bathroom equipment to things like a stove, shower products, and entertainment-related things like a pool table and gaming PC. It's a great addition if you want more options for decorating your home.

Creator: ROBERTGAMER69, Twitter, YouTube, PATREON


How does it work?

All the furniture are solid 3d blocks, this means you can easily rotate the furniture in any direction you want. Some furniture, like chairs and sofas, also has some functionality in that regard so that you can sit on them. Currently, all furniture can be crafted in the new Furnicraft Bench.

Furnicraft: Screenshot 1

Furnicraft: Screenshot 2

Furnicraft: Screenshot 3

Furnicraft: Screenshot 4

Furnicraft: Screenshot 5

Furnicraft: Screenshot 6

Furnicraft: Screenshot 7


Information on how to use the addon

How to get the clay?

It is made with clay balls, red, green and blue dye.

Here is an example of how it is made:

Furnicraft Clay Recipe

How to get the Decorations Table?

It is made with a crafting table and a Furnicraft clay.

Here is an example of how it is made:

Decorations Table Recipe

How to get all the furniture?

Each piece of furniture will cost you 1 Furnicraft Clay and you can get them at the Decorations Table.

Here is an example of how the furniture is obtained:

Furniture Recipe Example

How do I have a wife or husband?

To have a wife or husband, you must first go to a village and look for someone to be your partner, you can interact with the NPC's with the NPC's Menu item.

Once you have the ideal partner, you will have to give them an engagement ring 💍 and they will be your wife, they will also have more interactions in their menu, and you will be able to open their inventory.

Here is an example of what their interfaces look like:

NPC Interface: Screenshot 1

NPC Interface: Screenshot 2

How do I have a baby?

To have a baby, you must first have a wife or husband, and then you will have to put a cake in their inventory. When you place it in your inventory, the cake will be placed in a special slot. Once placed, you must interact with him/her. NPC and go to the romantic section and click on the have a baby button.

Having a Baby: Screenshot 1

If you don't put a cake in the mentioned slot and just press the button it will tell you that a cake is needed.

Having a Baby: Screenshot 2

If you did everything correctly you will be given a baby in your left hand, remember to have that hand empty before having a baby, you will not be able to take that baby from that hand until the 5 minutes have passed, you can observe the remaining time by selecting the baby or in the pause menu.

How to make my baby grow?

When the 5 minutes have passed you can remove the baby from your left hand and you can put a name on an anvil, and once you have it in your main hand you can appear it.

Once it is generated you can feed it with any food and its growth will begin.

Baby Stages: Screenshot

Now babies have 3 stages of growth before becoming an adult. Babies, Children, Adolescents.

In each phase it will have different functions, when it is a baby you can carry it on your shoulder (you can carry up to 2 babies at a time), when it is a small child its clothes will change and you can interact with them with the Npc's Menu and when They are teenagers, they will change their outfit again and you will be able to continue interacting with them and all that remains is to wait for them to be an adult.

How did you adopt a baby?

You can adopt a baby in a village, you will have to find a priest and trade with him, he will ask you for 2 diamonds and a marriage certificate and you can choose if you want a boy or a girl   (by giving 1 piece of paper to your wife or husband will give you a marriage certificate)

Here is an example of what its interface looks like:

Adopting a Baby: Screenshot

What is Rose Gold?

Rose Gold is a very precious mineral that is mainly used for Simple Comes Alive.

With this mineral you can make weapons, tools, armor and the engagement ring.

This mineral can be found all over the world. They appear in caves and mines, but if you go to a village below it you will find more chances of getting the mineral.

How to make the Comes Alive Anvil?

To make the Comes Alive Anvil you need a normal anvil and a Furnicraft clay

Here is a picture of what it looks like wearing.

Comes Alive Anvil: Screenshot

How to make the engagement ring?

To make the engagement ring, you must have 7 Rose Gold bars and 1 diamond

Its elaboration is as follows.

Engagement Ring Recipe

How to make Rose Gold tools and armor?

To make the Rose Gold armor and tools you must have said mineral and the Comes Alive Anvil.

Once you have the materials, their crafting is the same as other tools and armor.

Here are some examples of their creations.

Rose Gold Tools and Armor Recipes

Cherry Trees

They are currently disabled.

Can I have my own FurniPop?

Would you like to have your own FurniPop with your Minecraft skin?

You can purchase yours on my Patreon and it is officially added to the plugin, this also helps me continue improving the addon.

FurniPop with Custom Skin: Screenshot

This purchase is one per player and will always remain in the add-on.

If you require more information you can contact the creator on any of their social networks

(This is a digital product, we do not receive anything in real life)




If you are going to review it on your YouTube channel, leave the link on this page or on my official website. And without shorteners.

So you avoid being removed from the video or receive strikes on your channel.

Thank you!



Now you can join the official Furnicraft server, here you can report errors, suggest changes and be in contact with the creator.

Furnicraft Discord Server

So what are you waiting for join now and let's grow this community.





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Furnicraft Logo

Updated on March 06

Changes v21.2:

  • Compatible with 1.20.62+
  • Furniture is now affected if you have a texture.
  • Many 3D models of the furniture were changed.
  • Many textures were reduced.
  • Some furniture has animated textures.
  • Now you can interact with NPC's without having to marry him.
  • The system for having babies has changed.
  • Now NPC's can have jobs and will help you get materials.
  • Now the NPC's have random names and when they die they leave a grave.
  • A Switch was added.
  • A washing machine was added. (in the future it will have functionality).
  • The TV cabinet can now be lengthened and resized.
  • Added the Red Button that is used to eliminate those invisible entities.
  • Changed the texture of the Satanic Ritual and the Ouija.
  • The texture of the Rose Gold was changed. (to all related objects).
  • Added more emojis in some interactions.
  • Added a guide on how to use FURNICRAFT.
  • Added Bobicraft's FurniPop and also his NPC.
  • Adjusted some Textures to various furniture.
  • Many textures were removed, and now your device may be able to run the addon, so I encourage you to try it and leave your comments on my Twitter.
  • And much more!!!
v21 / February 07 / Old Update

Changes v21:

  • Compatible with 1.20.51+
  • Furniture is now affected if you have a texture.
  • Many 3D models of the furniture were changed.
  • Many textures were reduced.
  • Some furniture has animated textures.
  • Umbrellas, Swings, Slides were added again.
  • Now modern spotlights can be placed on the floor, walls, and ceiling, as well as the switch that will turn them on.
  • Added new sounds and interactions to some furniture
  • Clocks can now be placed on walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Monitors can now be extended up to 3 monitors with the same block
  • Compatible with more devices.
  • Some cosplays were disabled.
  • Colored cherry trees were disabled.
  • The refrigerator and closet can now store things inside.
  • Collisions increased on some furniture.
  • Added tables, chairs, benches, and benches made of the following materials: cherry, mangrove, warped wood, scarlet wood, and bamboo.
  • Many textures were removed, and now your device may be able to run the addon, so I encourage you to try it and leave your comments on my Twitter.
  • And much more!!!
v20.2 / November 17 / Old Update

Changes v20.2:

  • Works in versions 1.20.x.
  • May contain errors.
  • Nothing new has been added, but work is being done on revising the entire complement.
  • etc...
v20.1 / August 15 / Old Update

Changes v20.1:

  • Now all NPC blink.
  • The durability of all rose gold tools is now correctly displayed.
  • Rose gold armor durability is now displayed correctly.
  • Now when thunder hits the content creator NPC, it will do something special.
  • The stormbreaker was added (when you right-click, it will launch a lightning bolt).
  • Added the rose gold hammer (when breaking a block, the surrounding blocks will also break).
  • The rose gold tools work correctly depending on the type of tool.
  • Now the blocks of rose gold ore can only be broken with an iron pick, gold, diamond, netherite, rose gold, if you try to break it with your hand or Pick less than the ones mentioned above, it will not give you anything.
  • Added various cosplays based on five nights at freddy's.
  • Added virtual reality glasses.
  • The 3d model of the recreational machines was changed.
  • Now the umbrella item works correctly and will make you fall slow.
v20 / July 13 / Old Update

Changes v20:

  • Now you can download the come alive system separately from the furniture.
  • The anvil of comes alive was added (it is crafted with an anvil and one of furnicraft clay).
  • Now everything related to rose gold and comes alive is available in the comes alive anvil.
  • The comes alive anvil can be uncrafted, and it will return a normal anvil.
  • Fixed various bugs in newer versions of the game.
  • etc...
Download links
Furnicraft - 3D Blocks (Resource Pack)
Furnicraft - 3D Blocks (Behavior Pack)
Furnicraft - Simple Comes Alive (Resource Pack)
Furnicraft - Simple Comes Alive (Behavior Pack)
Download Furnicraft Addon (Recommended) (Official Website)
Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40
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  1. How old is this addon now? I've been seeing this addon since almost my first years of playing Minecraft with addons
    1. April 17 marks 6 years since this addon was launched. 🤩
  2. ballin profile avatar ballin
    Please make a verison without rosegold ore
  3. No avatar image viperjd3
    Great pack, but needs to be updated for 1.20.30. A lot of errors showing on load and several models not loading.