Minecraft, But Your Xp Equals Your Size (Add-On)

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This is a challenge add-on that makes it so every time you increase your experience levels your size and hearts will increase, and you will earn new abilities and special effects.


Permission for ModBay:

Minecraft, But Your Xp Equals Your Size addon permission

How it works

Every two experience levels you earn, your player will start upgrading and earning new abilities its size will increase, and two extra hearts will be added every two levels.

A huge player and a cow

Once you reach level 6 you will be able to break some blocks just by touching them.

Once you reach 16 XP levels, you will reach the max size and will have other special abilities:

  • 26 Hearts
  • Size increased
  • Ability to break most blocks just by touching them
  • Jump Boost 1 + Strength 8

Special ability (screenshot 1)

Special ability (screenshot 2)

How to install

Once you install and activate the behavior pack, make sure you have cheats enabled.

Activate Cheats

Use this command to activate the add-on, or it will not work, "/function youtube_bony162".

Addon activation function command

Download links
Behavior Pack (Linkvertise)
Supported versions
1.19.0 1.18.0