Floating Texts

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A simple behavior pack that adds a Floating Text Menu and Floating Texts to your game. Using the menu you can place new texts and manage existing ones.

No experimental toggles needed!

Floating Text Menu

Floating Text Menu

To make the Floating Text Menu UI appear, you right-click/use the Floating Text Menu item. You will be greeted with 2 options:

Create Floating Text

Here you enter the text that should be displayed and whether it should be centered to the block position you're currently at. When you submit, it will summon a new Floating Text using the given information.

Find Text by Name

Here you can search for a specific floating text that already exists in your world by its Text Content, and manage it by changing the displayed text, changing the text's location or entirely removing the floating text entity.


This pack uses entities for the floating texts. So, they are susceptible to the /kill command. The pack uses the minecraft:egg projectile entity as its base, but it does not interfere with the way the vanilla egg projectile functions, it just uses the same entity. So if your texts are being removed/killed, check for any /kill command blocks.

Updated on December 14

  • Made the pack functional for Minecraft v1.20.50
  • Removed the need for Experimental Toggles
Changelog for October 30 / Old Update
  • Made the pack work for Minecraft v1.20.40
  • Changed the UI icons
Changelog for September 21 / Old Update
  • Made the pack work for Minecraft v1.20.30
Changelog for July 12 / Old Update
  • Made the pack work for Minecraft v1.20.10
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