Goblin Traders

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You may have seen the Goblin Traders Mod for Java by MrCrayfish, it features two new mobs that rarely spawn and offer unique and powerful trades at a high price. Now you can enjoy this as a Bedrock Edition Addon, with many of the same features as on Java

Goblin Traders :

You can find goblin traders underground, beneath Y=0 to be specific, they are a bit reclusive and so you wonโ€™t see them everywhere, but should you find one, I recommend talking to it to see its trades.

Goblin Trader mob

Trading :

Goblin Traders have various useful trades, you can get things such as Echo Shards, Diamond Tools and Armour and even Special Potions and Enchantments.

Trading with a Goblin Trader

Special Trades :

The Goblins host many unique trades, like potions, they are as follows

  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • Levitation
  • Charisma
  • Nautilus
  • Life Energy
  • Saturation

All these potions can be brewed using redstone and glow stone to increase the power or duration! Goblins also trade vanilla potions in stronger forms like Level IV effects or 16:00 Durations

Should a goblin offer you a strange enchanted book you have struck gold (figuratively); these books contain Impossible Enchantment Levels, such as Sharpness VI, or Depth Strider IV

There is 3 different type of enchanted book, indicated by its name, Purple Books award mining based enchantments like Fortune and Efficiency. Gold Books have Offensive enchantments such as Sharpness and Knockback and Blue Books grant Armour Enchantments, the likes of Protection and Thorns.

Diamond Pickaxe

More Powerful and higher level enchantments are less likely to be sold, but you will never know untill you make a purchase!

Other Goblin Info :

Goblins love apples and will even sometimes accept them in trade for emeralds, if a goblin gets hurt then donโ€™t worry! You can feed it an apple to restore 2 hearts of health, keep in mind if you hit them they will fall over and then strike you in revenge! They only attack once every time though.

Goblin Trader is lying

Should you find yourself exploring long in the nether you may encounter a Vein Goblin Trader, a special kind of goblin with unique trades related to the nether, they arent a big fan of apples though, they prefer carrots.

Vein Goblin Trader

Vein Goblin Traders are also fireproof!

To Conclude :

I hope you enjoy playing with my Addon and enjoy visiting goblins in your mines and.. nethers?

Make sure to join my discord if you want to get news about my Addons as well as get updates earlier! also Join if you find any bugs so you can tell me them :v


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