Ages Evolution Public Beta v0.6.0

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Ever wanted to start a BC survival world in Minecraft? Ages Evolution is an add-on that allows you to start from 10000 B.C. in Minecraft all the way to modern technology.


This is a Beta version of the add-on, new updates will be released soon


Don't forget to checkout GU Official Site for more info regarding the add-on

  • Some Features From This Beta Version


Let's Start The Journey Through Public Beta 6

Grinding Flowers:

Grinding Flowers

New Flowers:

New Flowers

Crafting Stump Recipes:

Crafting Stump Recipes

Drying Rack:

Drying Rack

Search Engine:

Search Engine

Updated Item Textures:

Updated Item Textures

New Recipes:

New Recipes

Wood Bark Recipes:

Wood Bark Recipes

Wood Bark:

Wood Bark



Fluid Bladder:

Fluid Bladder

Dead Mammoth:

Dead Mammoth

Mammoth Death Animation:

Mammoth Death Animation

Irish Elk:

Irish Elk

In-Game Tutorials:

In-Game Tutorials

Known Issues:

  1. Ages Evolution doesn't fully support Minecraft 1.20.40+ yet
  2. No blocks or structures are generated because of feature rules
  3. Some item functionalities won't work


These are the features from beta versions, hope you like the add-on! You can send me feedback on the add-ons discord server!

NOTE: If you are doing a review, you are allowed to post only this ModBay addon page link. Don't hurt me with direct links to MediaFire! (Help me create more add-ons by supporting me)

WARNING: This addon was posted on MCPEDL and MODBAY! You are not allowed to publish this on other websites or applications without my permission.

NOTE: YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO MODIFY THIS ADDON (Only modify it for personal use)

NOTE: To use this addon, enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options!!!

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