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Rei Chikita is an addon that adds Rei Chikita to your Minecraft world, with incredible textures and animations. Tame her with ChocoMilk and have her accompany you on your adventures. You can also equip her with accessories to customize her appearance.

Rei Chikita

Rei Chikita Animated


To obtain your Rei Chikita, you must first use the following crafting recipe:

Rei Chikita craft recipe

Once you have obtained the item, you just have to place it on the ground.

Rei Chikita in hand


To tame Rei Chikita, you just need to give her ChocoMilk.

Giving ChocoMilk to Rei Chikita

Once tamed, she will follow you and defend you from mobs. Also, we can sit her down by crouching and interacting with her.

Interacting with Rei Chikita


It is used to tame Rei Chikita, and you can also give it to her to restore her health. If you consume it, you will gain speed for 10 seconds.

Rei Chikita drinking ChocoMilk


ChocoMilk craft recipe

ChocoMilk Bottle

Rei Chikita drinking ChocoMilk Bottle

You can give it to Rei Chikita to restore her health. If you consume it, you will gain speed and strength for ten seconds.


ChocoMilk Bottle craft recipe


You can customize your Rei Chikita by adding a couple of hats to her.

Straw Hat

Rei Chikita with Straw Hat

Straw Hat craft recipe

Cowboy Hat

Rei Chikita with Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat craft recipe

To put it on, you just need to approach Rei Chikita with the item and interact with her, and the same to take it off.


We can make her congratulate us if we have a diamond in our hand and interact with her (She won't take the diamond from us).

Interacting with Rei Chikita using a diamond

Compatibility with Pochita Addon v.2.0

Rei Chikita is compatible with the Pochita Addon V.2.0, and she can be ridden on a tamed Pochita.

Rei Chikita riding Pochita


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1.20.10 1.20.0