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So how this resource pack or texture pack works is that it makes the particles of the potion very visible by changing their color and making them highly saturated. This way, you can see the player who has taken not only the invisibility potion but every effect he has. So now you have the best PvP hack resource pack. This will be very useful for you in PvP and minigames too! You can use it on servers and play minigames with it, and every player's use of the potion does not give you any disadvantage. Enjoy it! See the preview.

There are different color particles for different potions or effects. The Invisibility has a yellow color. This way, you can also know all the types of effects the player has.

Advantage: This pack is lighter than any other pack like it.

Please do not reupload the resource pack anywhere without my permission.

Contect me on discord: grumm7613

Please give the original ModBay post link or curseforge link if you are showcasing this in your video


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Updated on June 18

  • Updated for 1.21, working fine. If you get any issue then please report
Download links
Invisibility Hider 1.20[mcpack, 24.7 Kb]
Invisibility Hider 1.21[mcpack, 24.7 Kb]
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80