Shield Corrections

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This resource pack can fix banner patterns on shield and lowering its holding and blocking for you! :)
(It also works on Java Edition within same pack)

Here is what shield patterns looks like without and with Shield Corrections

Shield Corrections (Screenshot 1)

It works well too for every banner creations on a shield

Shield Corrections (Screenshot 2)

It lows the shield down when you hold or use it, and it matches both hands equally (Vanilla top and left, Shield Corrections bottom and right)

Shield Corrections (Screenshot 3)

Shield Corrections (Screenshot 4)

You can choose different shield variants by using the slider in settings

Shield Corrections (Screenshot 5)

Shield Corrections Settings

It has 2 editions: Regular and Colored Borders (which changes color when it's based on the banner itself)

Shield Corrections (Screenshot 6)

Updated on October 28

1.5.1 (28/10/2023)

~ Removed mod support from Java Edition from mcpack files, reducing the size
~ Tweaked the textures of Cherry, Bamboo, Crimson, Warped and Acacia Shields
* Fixed "Per Bend" patterns
* Fixed the shield being off centered in 3rd person (again)

v1.5.0 / 15.06.2023 / Old Update

1.5.0 (15/6/2023)

+ 2 new shield variants: Bamboo and Cherry
+ A slider to choose shield variant in settings
~ Blocking shield is now lowered in both hands (It should be as same size in left hand as right hand)
~ UUID for Colored Borders pack has been changed so you can now import both packs
~ [Regular] text color
- Removed bug pack icon
* Fixed shield patterns
* Shield holding in 3rd person was being off-centered

Thanks for playing it!

Download links
Shield Corrections [Colored] - MCPACK[mcpack, 165.57 Kb]
Shield Corrections [Regular] - MCPACK[mcpack, 170.16 Kb]
Java Edition
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.0
1 001