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Thumbnail: Simple Waystone Addon

Simple Waystone Addon

This addon's aim is for fast travelling purposes from one location to another. This addon is not OP, but balanced due to the level requirement for teleporting. Enjoy the addon!
Thumbnail: Player Graves Addon

Player Graves Addon

This addon will help you not to lose items after death. Now one of the 3 gravestones will appear at the place of your death.
Thumbnail: Portal Gun Addon

Portal Gun Addon

With Portal Gun Addon you can now experience the Portal Gun and you can troll the animals and even your friends by teleporting them everywhere.
Thumbnail: Backpack Plus Addon

Backpack Plus Addon

This add-on will allow you to have more space in your inventory. Try using a backpack add-on that works very similar to the mods for backpacks from Java.
Thumbnail: Disenchanter Table Addon

Disenchanter Table Addon

Disenchanter Table addon adds a new game mechanics to Minecraft. You will be able to extract enchantments from equipment and books into separate books.
Thumbnail: NPC Expansion

NPC Expansion

NPC Expansion adds a total of 101 and more new NPC skins in the game for mapmakers who uses NPCs in their map.
Thumbnail: Levels Storage (1.20)

Levels Storage (1.20)

Do you always want a way to store your levels for use later? This addon just adds that! with the use of 2 new blocks the Level drain and the Level infuser.