Simple Waystone Addon (Bug Fix)

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This addon's aim is for fast travelling purposes from one location to another. This addon is not OP, but balanced due to the level requirement for teleporting. Enjoy the addon!

How it works:

  1. Craft the waystone block, you will see the crafting recipe in the recipe book inside the crafting table.
  2. Place the block.
  3. Interact with the block to see the waystone naming UI.
  4. Interact with the block again to register the waystone and to see the waypoint list.
  5. Pick a waypoint to teleport to it if you have the right level requirement.

Crafting Recipes:

Blocks: Sandstone, Stone and Endstone.

Waystone Crafting Recipes

What the Naming UI Looks Like:

Waypont Naming UI

There will be a pre-filled name when you interact with the newly placed waystone, you can change it, if you want.

What the Waypoint List Looks Like:

Waypoint List UI

The list will show the current name of the waystone you are using and other waypoints you have registered. The red names are waystones in the nether and the purple names are in the nether. Beside the names is the level requirement.

There are also commands you can use to clear all the waypoint and to see all the waypoints in the world and the waypoints you have registered.


  • sw clear - requires the op tag, this will clear all the waypoints in the world.
  • sw myself - to see all your registered waypoints.
  • sw world - to see all existing waypoints inside the world.


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  • You are not allowed to repost this resource/addon outside of ModBay / MCPEDL without my permission.
  • You are not allowed to create your own download link.
  • You are not allowed to share the direct link.
  • Feel free to make videos, just credit.


  • Requires experimental settings:

Required Experimental Settings

Updated on November 13

MC 1.20.40:
Version 7:


  • Fixed waypoints showing the setup window even if the waypoint is already registered.


  • Adjust the XP Requirement calculations.
  • Teleport will now prioritize locations with floor and air blocks; if none are found, it will teleport the player inside the waystone like normal.
  • Added the XP ORB image inside the waypoint list for the XP requirement.
Changelog for October 26 / Version 6 / MC 1.20.40
Changelog for September 20 / Version 5 / MC 1.20.30
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Simple Waystone Addon 1.20.40.X Version 7 (Boostellar)
Waystone Resource (Boostellar)
Waystone Behavior (Boostellar)
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  1. This is an especially useful addon! I'm enjoying it. I use it to go between farms and places I discover that look fun to build in.