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There's Nothing Exciting when Fishing in Vanilla Minecraft Catching Fish that Only can be Cooked & Just Eating it, No More Right?

Also Not Very Worthy Treasures & Always the Same for A Long Time

It's Definitely Boring for Anyone...

But All that Boredom will Be Gone in a Moment bcuz of This Addon!I Introduce "Azure Culture", as It's Name will make Fishing Much Better than Before!




!! Attention !!

Actually this Addon Based On the Most Famous Fishing Mod in Minecraft JavaYup, It's Aquaculture 2!

Cuz I was Not Given Permission from the Owner for Good Reason! But I'm Allowed to make My Own as Long As I make Everything by Myself...


Anyway, Let Me Explain this Addon:

"Lots Of New Fish"

A Fishing Addon will Definitely Add New Fish, So Here's the Fish:

New fish food items

You can Catch All those Fish in their Respective Biomes:

◆ Freshwater (Not Ocean):

+ 45% Perch/Bluegill

+ 25% Smallmouth Bass/Brown Trout/Carp

+ 13% Gar/Muskellunge

+ 2% Catfish

◆ Desert, Savanna, Mesa:

+ 45% Synodontis

+ 25% Boulti

+ 13% Bayad

+ 2% Capitaine

◆ Cold Ocean:

+ 45% Atlantic Herring

+ 25% Blackfish/Pollock/Pink Salmon/Rainbow Trout

+ 13% Atlantic Cod/Pacific Halibut

+ 2% Atlantic Halibut

◆ Ocean:

+ 25% Squid/Jellyfish/Red Grouper

+ 13% Swordfish/Shark

+ 2% Whale

◆ Jungle:

+ 45% Piranha

+ 25% Tambaqui/Electric Eel

+ 13% Arapaima/Arrau Turtle

+ 2% Starshell Turtle

◆ Swamp:

+ 13% Box Turtle

◆ Mooshroom Island:

+ 13% Brown/Red Shrooma


Some Fish can be Crafted into Items:

Items recipes from the fish

◆ Jellyfish can be Cooked into Slimeball...

Slimeball from Jellyfish

Or Mixed with Awkward Potions for make Poison Potions...

Poison Potions from Jellyfish

Leech & 13% Catched In Brackish!

It can be Mixed with Awkward Potions for make Instant Health Potions...

Health Potions from Leech

They Also can be Made into Splash / Lingering Variants...

But if It's Mixed with Water Bottles, It will become Mundane Potions!


Yummy Foods:

New Fish also can be Made into New Foods, like:

Precious Decoration:

There are also New Treasures that can be Fished, Such As:

Lucky Gacha:

Here are Some Items to Test Your Luck & Get The Prize:


"Neptune's Relics"

Isn't Metal Only can be Obtained By Mining?

I Introduce You... Neptunium!

Neptunium ingot

Actually Not Directly by Fishing it... You must Get Neptune's Bounty First!
This Bounty is Very Rare by Fishing, Another Way is to Find One in the Buried Treasure!

Block of the Neptunium

If You Destroy the Bounty, Some Junks & 1-4 Neptunium Ingots / Random Neptunium Stuff will Dropped in Almost Completely Damaged Condition...

So... Let's Take a Look at Anything Made of Neptunium:


Tackle Box:

Tackle Box

The Function is to Craft Some Fishing Stuff...

Even you Can Modify your Fishing Rods & Can't Craft Vanilla Fishing Rod on Crafting Table Anymore!

Wooden Fishing Rod recipe

How to Craft it:

Tackle Box recipe

You can Use Kelp / Algae Instead of the Green Dye!

What Stuff that can Be Crafted in Tackle Box?

Some Recycles:

◆ Get Leather Armor from Fishing? Just Craft It to Some Leathers! [Requires Knives from True Start]

Accidentally Craft Fishing Rod Template? Just Burn It to a Nugget...

◆ Neptunium is Worthless? Just Burn It to a Neptunium Ingot...


"Water Dwellers"

These Fish will Swim in Waters!

Fish Traps:

It's Tiers has the Same Ability as Hooks

Worm Farm:


Fisherman Trades:

Improved by the addon stuff!



Shadowclaimer, Girafi & DanRobzProbz for the Inspirations!

◆ Vatonage for his Armor Effect!

◆ Ftere for his Fish Bucket!

Permissions from Vatonage & Ftere:

Vatonage permission for ZhyuRo-Kun

Ftere permission for ZhyuRo-Kun

Special Thanks:

GhaithZK for the Whale Texture!

@Lioropedon the boi for the Shark Texture!


> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

◆ What's the [with Itemtips]?

This version will provide Itemtips on some items (English Only), example:

Neptunium Sword stats

This version is for anyone who wants in-game/more informations about the items

But if you want all the available languages, stay download the normal version...

◆ What's the No Tackle Box?

This is a addon that'll remove the requirement to craft the fishing stuff (You don't need tackle box to craft them anymore)

This addon made for anyone who hates the requirement/unable to open the block/etc



Required Experimental Features:

Required experiments for the Azureculture addon



Pirate's Speaks [Scroll the Subpacks]:

Pirate Language in the Azureculture addon




Bahasa Indonesia [By @Rainbow Dash Cool]






Türkçe [By @Bla̷ze]

简体中文 [Fixed by @OvichTheMarten]

繁體中文 [Fixed by @OvichTheMarten]


Working on 1.19.40+!

Enjoy & Have a Way Better Fishing!

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With Itemtips
No Tackle Box
Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.40