Unstable Machinery [V.2] || Unique Machines!

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This addon is an expansion addon for Radioactivecraft and Modern Machinery!

Be ready to work with reactors With Atoms and more!

This addon adds 5 new Elements to the game

Hassium, Bohrium, Seaborgium, Coppernicium and dubnium! Hope you enjoy :D

Before we begin,

keep in mind that this addon only works with those two addons:

Radioactive craft

Radioactive craft addon banner

Modern Machinery

Modern Machinery addon banner

The Guide book

When creating a new world, you will get a guide book. You can also craft it.

It will explain most things, so I won't explain what every machine will do, since this book does it already

The Guide book

Let's now start!

First, the Elements!

Hassium, Dubnium, Seaborgium, Bohrium and Coppernicium are the 5 main elements in this addons!

Hassium, Dubnium, Seaborgium, Bohrium and Coppernicium elements

To make them, you need 3 different machines.

First, the Atom pipes and Atom Seperator

The atom pipes and atom seperator

Next, the Atom Unstabler

The atom unstabler (screenshot 1)

The atom unstabler (screenshot 2)

And lastly you need the Atom stabilizer!

The Atom stabilizer

Now let's start with the machines!


There are 10 Reactors you can craft

New reactors in Minecraft (screenshot 1)

New reactors in Minecraft (screenshot 2)

Here is a tutorial on how you can set up a reactor!

First, place a 3x3 area of the reactor block of your choice

Bohrium Reactor (stage 1)

After that, place another 3x3 area of Reactor blocks on the 2nd layer. But in the middle put the block from the material the reactor is made of (for this example it's Bohrium block)

Bohrium Reactor (stage 2)

Now place another 3x3 area of the Reactor blocks, but this time place in the middle the reactor from the block it's made of (So Bohrium Reactor here)

Bohrium Reactor (stage 3)

Then place the pipes (Or for what ever you are using it) on the sides

Activated Bohrium Reactor

Then interact on the Reactor to activate it

Interacting with Bohrium Reactor

And now depending on the strength of the reactor it will generate for what ever you are using it!

Reactor and pipes

Some reactors are able to work together with other addons.

Working reactor with other machine

Copper reactor

Now we begin with the Quantum machines!

The Quantum Teleporter

This machine does not require any power, and it's good for secret bases

The Quantum Teleporter machine

The Quantum Destroyer

It can even break bedrock!

The Quantum Destroyer (screenshot 1)

The Quantum Destroyer (screenshot 2)

The Quantum Destroyer and bedrock blocks

The Quantum Destroyer and destroyed bedrock

The Heat Generator

It will generate heat (From Radioactivecraft) without any danger! It comes with the Blaze Powder Block

The Heat Generator

Working The Heat Generator

And this is sadly it!

This addon is rather smallโ€ฆ And doesn't add much for nowI will add more in the future, and you can help with that! You can give your suggestions here for this addon!

This addon is compabile with the following:

Advanced machinery

Advanced machinery addon banner

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Download RP
Download BP
Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0