Rangefinder MOD

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With this simple Mod/Script you will be able to know the distance and name of the block you are looking at just by using the spyglass.

# How does it work?

Simply place a spyglass in your hand, and you can see the distance in blocks and the name of the block you are looking at.

If you play on a mobile phone, you must use the spyglass, and you will see a small cross in the center of the screen that will help you know exactly which block you are looking at.

Rangefinder MOD: Screenshot 1

Rangefinder MOD: Screenshot 2

# How to install:

  • Download and install the behavior pack.
  • Activate the behavior pack in your world settings.
  • Activate the "Beta APIs" option for the correct functioning of the addon.

Required Experiments for Rangefinder MOD

# Info:

  • Effect99: Report bugs to my Discord
  • Any suggestions to add in the addon are welcome as long as you send them to me on my Discord
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Rangefinder (.mcpack) (Behavior Pack)
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