Agriculture's Fantasy [V.3] || A Farmers Dream! || More Crops!

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Introducing Agricultures Fantasy!

A Minecraft bedrock addon that brings an array of new crops and foods to the game.

Embark on a journey to cultivate and harvest many fruits, vegetables, and more on your farm.

Satisfy your hunger with new dishes and experience a whole new level of Food!

The Basics

Every Food item in this addon tells you about its saturation and nutritions.

There are six stages to Saturation:
Poor - Low - Normal - Good - Max - Super Natural

And Nutrition Level is how many Hunger bars you fill up divided by 2.
So when it has a Nutrition Level of Five, it fills up 2 and a half Hunger bars!

New food in the inventory

Copper Pots

This Pot allows every Custom crop to be planted on it!

Copper Pot

Copper Pot with a plant

Seed Packs

In a lot of structures you can find Seed Packs!
Small, Medium and Large
Each one drops different Custom Seeds.

Small seed pack

Medium seed pack

Large seed pack

You can get all main items in this Addon by Structures,
Copper Sieves from Modern Machinery or by trading!
And Yes, the Trading is compatible with Village and Pillage+

Trade with a Farmer Villager

Peas seeds

Medium seed pack

Garnet trading

Loot chest

Getting seeds

The New Crops

Agriculture's Fantasy adds 19 new Crops you can find!
The unique ones here are:

Rice (Only grows on a new Very wet Farmland)
Saffron (Only grows on Grass)
Eggplants (Only grows on Copper Pots)
Garlic (Only Grows when it has no access to light)
Cucumber (Only grows with light)

New Crops 1

New Crops 2

New Crops 3

Special Versions of the Crops

Some of the Crops have Cooked, Poisonous/Withered/Infected, and Golden Variants!
And Also Drinks :-)

Cooked Crops

Poisonous Crops


And Some food even has Spice Variants!
Each Spice does a different thing:

Saffron - Makes Food more Nutritious
Peppercorn - Removes Poison from food
Chili - gives Food a small "kick"
Mint - Gives food special Effects

Spice Types

A Cooked Mutton With Effects

Peppercorn Spice Powder

Special Food

First, we have Chicken Nuggets! Smelt them to cook em

Chicken Nuggets

There are also Apple and Onion Rings!
These are my childhood to be fair

Apple and Onion Rings foods

There are new Meat and Fish types too :D

A new Meat and Fish types

But Donuts cannot be missing!
There are only 4 types for now ;D

Donuts types

Don't like donuts? Well, I have cake too!
(Only Chocolate and Strawberry for now...)

Strawberry Cake

Chocolate Cake

I also have mint Cookies and some Pies if you like!
And also Peanut Butter Cookie

A new Cookies and Pies

You don't like rice? You FAILURE
And yes, also Cornbread, Glazed Parsnip and Carrot

Corn Bread, Rice and Sushi

Sushi and Fish

Glazed Carrot

But why don't you try some Chocolate instead?
You like it dark, light or minty?

Chocolate bars

More of an Dish guy? Well I do have Salad and Jambalya Bowl!
And also Saffron Rice, Fishermans Bowl and Fruit Bowl!

Salad and Jambalya Bowl foods

Saffron Rice, Fishermans Bowl and Fruit Bowl

But this addon also adds a new Structure!

The Farmers house is a small, common Structure spawning around!

The Farmers House Structure

A Chest With Loot in the Farmers House


This Addon also adds new Mobs!
Which are fishes!
Rainbow Trout Fish, Bass, Devil's Hole Pupfish, Paedocypris!

Rainbow Trout Fishes

Bass Fishes

Devil's Hole Pupfish


They can be picked up with buckets too!

Bucket Fishes

Crabs and Sea Urchin are also in the game! They can be breed with Kelp and Other small fishes!


Sea Urchins

And that is everything for now!
Here is a Chart of every Crop+Seed+extra

All New Crops and Seeds

This Addon is Compatible with the Following Addons by the way!
And make sure to put Agriculture's Fantasys BP on the top of the Addon list (No, this does not use Player.json):

Modern Machinery

Modern Machinery Addon Logo

Village and Pillage+

Village And Pillage Plus Addon Logo

Updated on September 23

  • Changed a few name bugs
  • Changed the download links of the addon
Changelog for August 02 / Old Update
  • Added Peanuts
  • Added Peanut Kernels
  • Added Prickly Pear Cactus
  • Added Grapes
  • Added Alphine Strawberries
  • The Sniffer can now sniff out Prickly pear Cactus
  • Changed some Loot Tables
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Added Tags to make it compatible with other addons!

Hope you enjoy!

Download links
Download BP
Download RP
Supported versions
1.20.10 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50