Glowing Armor Trims

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Do you think that armor trims are dull? Though they're created with ingots and shards, they are still darkish, and are not differentiable with the armor. Here is the Glowing Armor Trims Resource Pack!


  • It is not a shader.
  • Leather Armor doesn't glow because of some material glitch.
  • Icons of armors with trim are same as the icons of armors without it, please adjust with that!


Without Pack:

Screenshot of Armor Stands without Glowing Armor Trims

With Pack:

Screenshot of Armor Stands with Glowing Armor Trims

Look at that glow!

Screenshot of Glowing Armor Trims 1

Screenshot of Glowing Armor Trims 2

Screenshot of Glowing Armor Trims 3


Coincidentally, there was already a pack similar to mine, but it doesn't support enchanted armor, while mine does! By Llama:

Permission from Llama

  • DM me on discord for questions and/or permissions
  • DM me on discord if you want to showcase this Add-On
  • Use this ModBay link when showcasing this Add-On
  • This Resource Pack will work with other Add-Ons (make sure it is on top).

Resource Pack on MCPEDL:


Import the .mcpack file by clicking on it and then activate the pack in Global or World Resources. If it doesn't work, restart the game. No experimental options required!

Download links
Download (Support Creator)
Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0
1 780
  1. Japeth profile avatar Japeth
    Is it possible to make armor items have the correct icon when modifying an armor?
    1. LeGend077 profile avatar LeGend077
      I'm trying to figure out :)
      1. Japeth profile avatar Japeth
        Ah yes I thought so, I make texture packs for my own use, I'm trying to work with the codes too, if I find I'll let you know... Anyway, sorry I didn't give feedback, your work was great, thanks for your attention
        1. LeGend077 profile avatar LeGend077
          Okay, Thanks!
  2. This is stolen. The original was made by n_llama on Discord. I was actually contacted to try to solve the leather armor issue.
    1. Japeth profile avatar Japeth
      He literally agreed with llama.... :V
    2. LeGend077 profile avatar LeGend077
      There is no way you can straight up say this is stolen. See the code and the permission with your eyes. Stop saying this is stolen without checking properly. Also I'm not a loser to steal someone's work, it's been years since I'm making Add-Ons. I respect other's work.
    3. D profile avatar D
      We did a bitwise check of all the files and didn't notice any matches. These are two different resource packs. We also see that LeGend077 has attached a screenshot with Llama

      So we don't see any violations. If this is not the case, write in more detail or send it to our mail
      1. LeGend077 profile avatar LeGend077
        Thanks for checking :>
  3. Plueres profile avatar Plueres
    Does it have both the enchantment glint and the glow? I did it with my pack but it crashed
    1. LeGend077 profile avatar LeGend077
      Yes, it glows with enchants. That's the speciality.