3D Buckets

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Hi, Minecrafters, are you bored with playing 2D textures? And no animations on them? Well, behold! 3D Buckets! Yes, they are animated and with blinking eyes too!


Basic Information:

3D Buckets Specifications:

  1. Empty Bucket.
  2. Bucket of Axolotl.
  3. Bucket of Puffer Fish.
  4. Bucket of Tadpole.
  5. Bucket of Salmon.
  6. Bucket of Tropical Fish.
  7. Bucket of Lava.
  8. Bucket of Water.
  9. Bucket of Snowpowder.
  10. Bucket of Milk.
  11. Bucket of Cod.


3D Buckets Visual

3D Buckets Resolution

To change the visuals, go to Global Resources > Activate the Pack > Click Gear Icon.


Vanilla 3D Buckets

Wooden 3D Buckets

Rusty 3D Buckets

Images may not show correctly the colors [GIF animation and color], but in-game it will be fine.

3D Bucket of Tadpole: Animation

3D Bucket of Axolotl: Animation

3D Bucket of Tropical Fish: Animation

3D Bucket of Cod: Animation

3D Bucket of Salmon: Animation

3D Bucket of Lava: Animation


3D Bucket of Lava: In-Game Screenshot





  • Some of the bucket have animations and some don't. All buckets are in 3D now. Now the animations look smoother. It's just replacing the default texture to 3D one, but it's animated and compatible with other resource packs.


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This is not an addon, this is just a texture replacement, which means you can set it global resources and play it on server as well and don't need to turn on experiments.

You can modify this pack for yourself only.


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