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Thumbnail: Draconic Evolution Addon v1.5

Draconic Evolution Addon v1.5

This addon adds items and blocks based on Draconic Evolution mod for Minecraft Java Edition 1.12. New ores, tools, armor and functional blocks!
Thumbnail: Radium's Armament v1.6

Radium's Armament v1.6

A new and very realistic addon with various guns for your Minecraft world. 100% survival friendly, 16 guns, a grenade, targets, custom zombies and much more!
Thumbnail: Roll and Stamina

Roll and Stamina

“Roll & Stamina” is an addon that adds roll and stamina mechanics to vanilla Minecraft.
Thumbnail: Disciples of the Void, Volume I

Disciples of the Void, Volume I

Do you like boss fights?? I do! Who DOESN’T love boss fights??? Lucky for you, this addon is for people who enjoy boss fights and want more in your Minecraft world.