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If you have decided to work hard on the comfort and beauty of your home, but you do not have enough blocks and objects for this, use the "Home+" addon, which will add more than 250 new pieces of furniture, decor and some other stuff to make the game more complete.


Creator: mind.sh4ke (Twitter)

This addon requires Block-Geo Fixer. After activation, it has to be on top of Home+ Resource Pack.

Note: Remember to enable all experimental features, this addon need them to work with blocks!

Turned on expeimental options.



In survival mode, to create any furniture block from this addon, you will need Carpenter's Workbench

Carpenter's worcbench preview.

Carpenter's Workbench recipe craft:

Carpenter's worcbench recipe craft.

In creative mode, all blocks and items of the addon are available in the creative inventory.


A lot of modern and functional furniture will allow you to complete your home!

You can turn off the switch to see all available recipes in this table.

All decorations and furniture recipe crafts.

Living room

  • Ceiling lamps (black and white)
  • Functional chairs (all colors)
  • Six types of custom doors
  • Six types of lamps
  • Bamboo, sapling and ivy pots
  • Roof lights
  • Six different shelfs
  • Sofas (all colors)
  • Tables
  • TV
  • Ceiling fans
  • Custom stairs
  • Shelf decorations (books, spices, potions and pots)

Sofas, chairs and tables. Custom doors, pictures and other decorations. Shelfs, stairs and other decorations for living room.


  • Functional plate (you can put food on it)
  • Fridge
  • 21 types of kitchen cabinets
  • Knifes stand
  • Two stools
  • Functional toaster
  • Functional oven
  • Decorative teapot, dirty plates, pan and cooking pot
  • 3 types of sinks
  • Cups

All the kitchen furniture.


  • Two types of desk lamps
  • Functional coat rack (you can put your armor)
  • Functional sword stand (perfect to show off)
  • Functional hat stand
  • LED lights
  • Nightstands
  • Laptop
  • Plushies

A lot of bedroom decorations and furniture.


  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Functional shower
  • Functional sink
  • Functional toilet

Bathroom furniture preview.


  • Functional doorbell
  • Garden chair and table
  • Grass wall
  • Functional grill
  • Hanging pots
  • Sprinkler and big sprinkler (perfect to decorate and for your wheat)
  • Floaters to have fun with your friends
  • Functional skylanterns (to make the skylanterns fly, you have to use a flint and steel)
  • Balloon lamps
  • Deck chairs
  • Brazier
  • Parasols
  • Log chair
  • Picnic chairs (oak, spruce, dark oak, acacia, jungle and birch)
  • Picnic tables (oak, spruce, dark oak, acacia, jungle and birch)
  • Tall torches

A lot of decorations for garden. Deck chairs, baloon lamps and other decorations for garden.


  • Cat scratching trees
  • Cat scratchers
  • Dog kennels
  • Pet bowls

Cat scrathers preview. Dog kennels and pet bowls.


  • Functional presents (you can put a note with a tag)
  • Decorative presents
  • 9 decorations for christmas trees
  • Customizable christmas trees

Christmas decorations and presents.

Extra Decoration

Some extra decorationsof the addon.

Examples of using

Beautiful kitchen in dark decoration. Beautiful kitchen in bright decoration. Beautifully furnished living room. Pool and loungers in a beautiful garden. Picnic area. Room in the night before christmas. Cozy bedroom.

Download links
Home Plus 2.0 BP
Home Plus 2.0 RP
Block-Geo Fixer (requires)
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