Mods with Dimensions for Minecraft PE 1.19.10

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Thumbnail: Simple Backrooms Addon

Simple Backrooms Addon

You've seen your basic backrooms addons, but have they been too complex, low quality, or maybe you just dont want a map. This addon revolutionizes that, in the form of a mod!

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Thumbnail: Magma_Dream - Nether Update

Magma_Dream - Nether Update

A death rattle reaches you from the depths of the Nether. Equip yourself and set off on an adventure where mysterious and dangerous creatures and new gameplay features await you.

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Dirt Man
Dirt Man
Thumbnail: Battle for the Realm

Battle for the Realm

Battle for the Realm is an expansive RPG Add-On set in an earth corrupted by hostile dimensions. You must fight alongside an Asian Alliance to save the world from a German-led European Superpower!

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