Mods with Ores for Minecraft PE 1.19.20

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Thumbnail: Vader's Expansion

Vader's Expansion

Vader's expansion adds over 400 items and 200+ blocks and 60+ mobs this addon has no theme for what it adds so there's a lot of random stuff but a lot of it is balanced.

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Thumbnail: Ores Plus Add-On v6.2.0

Ores Plus Add-On v6.2.0

Add to the game many types of new ores and the tools, armor and weapons that come with them, as well as some decorative blocks!

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Thumbnail: Total Carnage

Total Carnage

Almost 3 years in and finally completed it, the long awaited Carnage update! This new version of Carnage adds another 100 mobs into the game.

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Thumbnail: Mixed Ores Addon

Mixed Ores Addon

This addon introduces 56 new Mixed Ores that will make going on mining trips way more interesting than before. These Mixed Ores are just like mining two ores at the same time, also they can only

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Thumbnail: Pure Fantasy World Addon

Pure Fantasy World Addon

Are you tired of vanilla and earth-like biomes? This addon is for you! It adds a lot of new fantasy and invented biomes for you to explore and have fun.

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