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Does vanilla Minecraft feel easy? If so, this RPG AddonPack is for you. This AddonPack will make your survival experience very hard with many bosses and a leveling system!

DLCRAFT, the DL standing for Dead Life, or basically, you're going to die... a lot. I selected many addons to fit the RPG playstyle I wanted in Minecraft.

Key Features:

  • You Can't Get Wood Directly
  • Natural Regeneration Removed
  • Randomised Spawn If You Didn't Set Your Respawn Point
  • Night Siege
  • Ruins, Structures And Dungeons
  • New Skill Leveling System (Yet Not Implemented In This Beta)
  • Mobs & Bosses, From The Forgotten Legends, Spry Conquest, Haunted Armor
  • Tartarean Mobs Variants
  • Infected Parasites (Yet Not In This Beta)
  • Trickets & Rings That Gives Potion Effects
  • New Weapons & Tools
  • New Magic Items
  • New Enchantments & Potions
  • Village Bounty
  • Presence Footsteps
  • Fishing Culture

Main Features:

  • True Start: Life was easier when we used to be get wood directly. Yeah i said used to be, since this addon will change the way you get wood. You will get Unlit Touches because Lit Torches are now Not Craftable, and must be manually lit with a Match Box.
  • Arduous: A powerful change healing mechanism. there will be no longer eating food restore your Health, but how to regenerate your Health, don't worry about it. This addon will add items like Salves, Plaster, and Bandages that will regenerate your Health. To Use these items make sure to right click or hold your screen.
  • Night Siege: An event that will make Hostile Mobs to spawn More Often than it used to be, this event only occurs in the Night. This event will eventually make Night in Minecraft much more Harder.
  • Ruins Addon, Tower Dungeon & Creeping Crypts: Add more Structures to your game, which will bringe much more life to your game. Various types of Tower Dungeon which is protected by Tower Golem. Massive Dungeon spawns around the world with Hostile mobs Spawners.
  • Tartarean Mobs: Vanilla hostile mobs will have rare chance of spawn with powerful effects, from a Bomber Skeleton that can summon fireball to Webber Spider that will trap you in web, they have good loot though.
  • Haunted Armor: A mini boss with various types of Attacks, which can be found in his structure.
  • The Forgotten Legends: New mediaeval Fantasy Creatures and Bosses, as well new weapons and items that can be obtained by Bosses and loot from dungeons and structures.
  • Spry Conquest: New mobs that are passive & aggressive that are biome specific. Bosses like Wrought Sentry & Drake.
  • Better Weaponry: A LOT new weapons like Katana, Long Sword, Nunchaku, Battle Axe, Rapier, Sabre and many more with various types of Abilities & new Enchantments for new types of weapons.
  • Lost Items: Did you see my reinforce pickaxe? nevermind i found it. This addon will add lost items with different abilities which can be found in vanilla structures.
  • Knowledge Experience: You can not use diamond armor or tools directly, you will need to upgrade their respective skill with XP to use armors, tools and magic items. (Yet Not Implemented In This Beta)
  • Experience Tome: It is too hard to keep XP without dying? These Tomes will store your XP inside it.
  • Azure Culture & Advance Fishing: Does fishing in Minecraft feels boring? don't have enough loot in vanilla fishing? This addon adds new tools for fishing to get good loot by fishing.
  • Terraria Trinkets & Beacon Rings: Fighting Bosses without any potion effects is pretty hard right? Those Trinkets & Rings will help with giving you good potion effects.
  • Village Bounty: Items called as Bounties Can be found in villagers house, These Bounties are based on villagers jobs. These Bounties contains Objectives & Rewards and you can redeem Rewards in Bounty Table.
  • Mount Whistle: Did you lost your horse? if you don't want to lost your horse again use this Whistle on your horse, when ever your horse disappear just right click or hold screen your horse will be teleported to you. This does work with every vanilla mounts.
  • Charm BE & Inspirations BE: Enhancing Vanilla Minecraft gameplay with bunch of tweaks. Adding decoration blocks for decorating your house.
  • Food Expansion BE, Continued: Adding more vanilla types of Foods.
  • CCAwCP & CHAN'S: Adding recipe for Chainmail Armor & Horse Armor since these items was uncraftable.
  • Lode Eyes: Lode Stone is pretty expensive so to balance recipe for Lode Stone i just added this addon.
  • Fanimation & Better Mob Animations: Enhancing Player animations with this resource pack. Enhancing Mob animation with this resource pack.
  • Presence Footsteps BE: Enhancing sound of Footsteps on Various Blocks with this resource pack.



I haven't stolen any assets, I do have permission to use these addons from creators.

Updated on January 19

  • Fixed Bug Causing Bosses To Not Spawn
  • Fixed Items From TheForgottenLegends Not Give Potion Effects
  • Nerfed Potion Effects Given By Items From TFL
  • Fixed Dungeon Not Spawn Properly From CreepingCrypt
Download links
DLCRAFT BETA 1.0.1 [Bug Fixes][mcaddon, 12.69 Mb]
DLCRAFT BETA 1.0.1 [Bug Fixes] (mediafire)
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  1.  profile avatarvelshyem profile avatar velshyem
    Are we supposed to break woods with bare hands, and is it normal for bosses like orc warlord to not drop anything?
    1. Dead Lite profile avatar Dead Lite
      You can chop down tree with bare hands but dont get wood directly and orc warlord does drop some golden nuggets, gold ingots, leather and orc warlord helmet. this helmet will give you strength effect.
  2. Imma try it.
  3. ballin profile avatar ballin
    Please make this work on realm's It's so good
    1. Dead Lite profile avatar Dead Lite
      just try it, idk about if its gonna work on realm.
      if it does tell me about it
      1. ballin profile avatar ballin
        It dosn't
        1. Dead Lite profile avatar Dead Lite
          DM in discord:- deadlite_25
          1. ballin profile avatar ballin
          2. Dead Lite profile avatar Dead Lite
            DM me in discord i will try to get your problem solved
          3. ballin profile avatar ballin
  4. Does the forgotten legends mobs and structures spawn naturally?
    1. Dead Lite profile avatar Dead Lite
      They does spawn but might see bug where some time boss doesn't spawns
  5. Skollum profile avatar Skollum
  6. Dead Lite profile avatar Dead Lite
    You may find bugs in this version so I will update link soon
  7.  profile avatarPingu profile avatar Pingu
    i love to see more modpacks
    1. Dead Lite profile avatar Dead Lite
      Well, I do have plans for modpacks